6 Causes Indonesia’s Agricultural Sector Lagging, Unlike Other Asian Countries

The agricultural sector is a sector that has a strategic role in the structure of agriculture the building up of the national economy. The agricultural sector includes the foodstuffs crop subsector, the horticultural subsector, the fishery subsector, the livestock subsector, and the forestry subsector. Indonesia’s agricultural sector will certainly depend on technology and successive generations especially young people. The Indonesian government is targeting to make Indonesia itself a world food granary by 2045.

Indonesia’s economic sector conditions are declining due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which has not show signs of decline. To address this problem the House of Representatives presented a proposal to the government to focus more on the agricultural sector, as one of the ways to boost the economy. The agricultural sector is no stranger to the Indonesian people, but Indonesia, which is famous for being called agricultural countries, does a lot of food needs imports from other countries.

Causes of Indonesian Agricultural Sector Lagging

What causes agricultural conditions in Indonesia cannot go forward like the Nation Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, and Malaysia, here are some factors causing it:

Thought pattern

The wrong mindset of the community is especially that of the educated regarding employment in the field agriculture, many especially college students who are reluctant to work as farmers as well as those related to agriculture due to skewed assumptions regarding the work.

Unknowingly this mindset has already been instilled in their children since childhood, if working as a farmer constitutes a lab or job that does not produce enough material.

Production Capacity

Agricultural production capacity is less balanced with empowerment efforts for farmers. Until now farmers are still using traditional methods so that production is sometimes not maximized, so farmers’ empowerment is needed as an effort to improve the quality of Indonesian farmers.


The most fundamental issue on government mindset. There should be a mutual understanding, which has already proved evident on the ground that the agricultural sector is making considerable contributions to the sustainability of our nation. If this is understood, then the government will no longer have to hesitate to give significant budget politics to this agricultural sector. The Indonesian government still aims at the political mindset of consumption dependence budgets rather than production trends in all sectors. In other words, the government is still relying on food policy on import capabilities.

Less effort

Lack of efforts to boost national food such as creating superior varieties, method cultural, as well as pest management. In addition, there is a lack of innovation in making breakthroughs by keeping the monthly planting laus of rice.


Price policies (pricing policies) especially rice food products are poorly implemented in Indonesia which caused farmers much loss when crop yields were obtained.

Less Care Government

The government is less concerned about technical issues such as irrigation, seedling, and compost. Unlike in other Asian countries where the agricultural sector is strongly supported by the government, in Indonesia the technical problem is still self-contained by the people so that in the event of difficulties regarding it, the people do not get a solution.

Although the government has given funds to Perum Bulog to maintain food security and price certainty to farmers, but sometimes the prices of commodities, such as chili peppers, onions, and corn are still below the government’s purchase price during the harvest. During this time, agricultural sector production was abundant and much on its centra-centra. However no one bought at the time of the large harvest in a significant absorbent spent stock in farmers.


In the current pandemic, the economic sector is on the decline, by the sebab that, one of the ways that can be done is to optimize Indonesia’s agricultural and natural resources sectors. If there is a mapping you can ask it in the comments column below. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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