What Are the Challenges of Developing Indonesia’s Creative Economy Amid Global Creative Economy Development?

Creative economy is a concept to realize economic development that creativity-based sustainability.” In this creative economic sector, the resources utilized are unlimited resources, such as ideas, ideas, talents, and creativity. Furthermore, the economic value of a product in this sector is seen in the utilized creativity and innovation created through ever-growing technology. This is because we are currently entering the era of the 4.0 Industrial Revolution which resulted in the development and progress of the times happening faster and thus requires the steadiness and self-adjustment of the people. Therefore, industries can no longer rely on price or product quality alone to compete in global markets, but must rely on high innovation, creativity, and imagination.

In this case, the state needs to have innovative industrial actors who have a creative level high ace in favor of growing the sector in Indonesia. Quoting from the kumparan.com page, the Indonesian Government is currently trying to realize the creative economy sector in Indonesia by encouraging creative industry players to be able to compete in the global market. This is done in the hope that society can improve its life welfare independently, efficiently, and evenly. In addition, there are several challenges of Indonesia’s creative economy development amid global creative economy development.

Challenges for Development of Indonesian Creative Economy

Creative Human Resources

Indonesia’s first creative economic development challenge is still creative human resources be few in number. The solution of the above problem is that the government can provide seminars, workshops, and the like aimed at developing human resource creativity in Indonesia. Quoting from the merdeka.com page, the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Mari Elka Pangestu stated that there are still several challenges of the digital creative industry, including human resources and technology development.

The creative economy sector represents a new economic era in which information, knowledge, and creativity are menacing so a major production factor for a country that is the impact of a global recording structure that is experiencing accelerated technological transformation as production and consumption patterns change. Indonesia itself has abundant cultural wealth and natural resources as inspiration in developing a creative economy. However, the key to achieving a creative economy depends on the quality of human resources.

In addition, there must be an empowerment for human resources to be able to develop and utilize technology, as well as increased literacy regarding mindset which is the basis in transmitting creative mindset into an innovation. Those technologies can then be leveraged as channels to distribute creative content to reap worldwide appreciation and recognition.


In the present, technology is already highly developed. To develop a creative economy, technology advances such can be utilized. Today many e-commerce are used by the public, such as Shopee, Lazada, Tokopedia, and others. The challenge for Indonesia’s creative economy is to master the technology. Businesses, whether it’s large or small businesses, must learn those e-commerce applications to sustain their product marketing. As they have mastered it, they can take advantage of various promotional features, advertising, and so on.

Another challenge is that business people have to have creative ideas for their products to be interesting to see. The creative idea in question is the creation of content and advertisements to upload on social media and e-commerce. Overseas products are also widely circulated on social media and e-commerce so it does not preclude people from being more interested in outside products. Thus, the solution that can be done is to diligently study technology along with existing e-commerce.

Product Design

In a creative economy, we certainly need advertising to market our products. However, advertising alone is enough even though the advertisement we made is as interesting as possible. When a person buys a product, certainly what one sees first is its packaging. Packaging gives consumers a first impression. Therefore, good packaging design is essential. Attractive designs will certainly further attract consumers’ attention.

Not only packaging, but the contents of the product should also be made interesting, such as snacks for children boy made with a wide variety of shapes. Outside products today have made much use of such creativity. Therefore, we as Indonesian people should not constantly buy outside products. We better think of new ideas so that the Indonesian economy is no less competitive.

For now, the challenges facing are outside products that are more attractive compared to local products. This will certainly turn off the creative economy in Indonesia so happens constantly. Then, we should have innovation so that people’s interest in local products will increase. The things that can be done are like taking business seminars, seminars on creative economics, or more specific ones like interesting product design tips seminars. Beyond that, we ourselves can study by looking for references from outside products, then making something different by putting together existing ideas.


With both us aware and not aware, globalization has become one of the challenges that has emerged in the economic and marketing activities that are taking place in Indonesia recently, Any business activity operator will want to be able to carry out a good marketing strategy by following the globalization and development of the times as well as an era that keeps going and changing. However, if creative economic players in Indonesia do not follow global development, the risks that will be faced will also be higher to compete in the increasingly advanced global market. 

However, in fact, there are still quite a few creative economic activities in Indonesia who have not been able to compete marketing in the international arena, so Indonesia is actually be made a marketing target that has high potential by industry and economy conducted by foreign companies. For example, as in the current technology field most mobile phones owned by Indonesian people are the result of foreign factories.


It cannot be denied that the internet is becoming one of the important aspects of creative economic development in Indonesia. Roles that the internet can give to the economy mathe upun of the creative industry is in the marketing and advertising field of such creative economy. Because currently, almost all Indonesian and international people have Internet access in mobile phones and other gadgets. 

Marketing done over the internet has wider access and the level of mobility that happens is fast. But in reality, the spread of akas the internet in Indonesia has not been evenly distributed, it is necessary to adjust fair internet access to all regions in Indonesia that are not receiving enough attention from the government. If the alignment of internet access in Indonesia has been done equally and fairly. Then creative economic marketing in Indonesia will have a much wider range.

Not a few media outlets in the Internet can be used as a place to engage in creative economic activities. It starts with Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, and more. In doing marketing in the internet world, the role of social media is also no less important its role. 


Creative economy are one of the elements that can develop the Indonesian economy. Its development can be influenced by several aspects such as human resources, move, technology, product design, internet, and others. By utilizing these aspects, we as Indonesian people can contribute to the development of Indonesia’s creative economy. However, although we are not business operators, we can also join in supporting Indonesia’s creative economic development by purchasing local products.

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